Give in to your desires, trust Afroudakis Yachting sales brokers and soon you will enjoy your new outstanding acquisition with your friends and beloved ones
By buying a yacht you definitely open new horizons to your life. You join in the world of luxury, adventure and experience. However, in such a colossal and tremendously competitive market as that of the yacht industry, buyers undoubtedly need the right guidance and consultation to invest both their time and money correctly and turn their dreams into reality. Afroudakis Yachting sales brokers are qualified to give our clients the best advice and provide them with all the information they need from the beginning till the very end of the whole purchase process and give their best so that all of our clients’ expectations are met.

Specifically, our brokers are always alert to capture the last state of the market and keep our databases constantly updated in order to provide our clients with the most remarkable opportunities in the yacht industry. All you have to do is to give in to your desires, trust Afroudakis Yachting sales brokers and soon you will enjoy your new outstanding acquisition with your friends and beloved ones.

The procedure is simple! Once you make the request, our sales agents are fully committed to identify and discuss with you any of your particular needs and, as soon as they run an extensive research, they will contact you to specify together all the possibilities you have through a vast collection of yachts.  What comes next, are visits to each potential yacht to have a close look and decide which one suits both your personality and demands.

The instant the yacht is chosen, our sales brokers are once again on their toes to start the negotiations in order to ensure that you will get the yacht of your dreams in the best market price and without changing the vessel’s features or decrease its value.

But Afroudakis Yachting services do not stop at this point since our brokers and managers are always at your disposal to give you the best of their advice on your yacht’s ownership matters, administrative documentation, management and financial issues. Even more, our company is excessively involved in these employments offering to our clients not only a holistic view of the yacht industry but also a comprehensive and highly professional package of services.  Having our clients experiencing a hassle-free ownership, meeting at its full the pleasures of a luxury yacht, is what Afroudakis Yachting personnel consider a success!