Charter Motor Yacht Orion for the Best Cruising Experience

Charter Motor Yacht ORION is a well-proportioned luxury yacht which can accommodate up to twelve passengers and about eight crew members on board. The yacht feature a steel hull with the aluminum superstructure. It is a custom built yacht which is equipped with an advanced stabilization system, which helps in reducing the roll motion effect, hence resulting in a smoother and better cruising experience. Furthermore, the vessel also features uniquely designed bow thrusters which make it more maneuverable even at lower speeds.

Key Features of the Luxury Yacht for Charter Orion

This is a luxury vessel featuring a sophisticated exterior design and unique engineering. The yacht features four spacious cabins which can accommodate up to twelve guests and usually comes with eight very highly skilled crew members who are always committed to ensuring that you have a fun-filled, and fulfilling sail that will give you long-term memories. Some of the main features of the Orion boat include;

Orion Engines and Speeds

This is a very powerful vessel featuring twin Deutz-MWM main diesel engines which enable it to reach a maximum speed of 17 knots. These engines can produce up to 2360.00hp in total horse power or a 1759.852 kilowatt rating. Furthermore, connected to the engines are twin 5-bladed propellers, which allow for smoother and more efficient running. Its advanced stabilizers feature some of the latest electronic technologies for optimal efficiency. In addition, the vessel has an easy cruise speed of 15 knots and produces the range of up to 800.00 nautical miles

Accommodation Orion Yacht

The specious yacht can accommodate up to eight guests in its four suites comprising of one owner cabin, one VIP cabin and two double cabins. The vessel can carry up to seven crew members on board in order to ensure a more relaxed and luxury yacht experience. Furthermore, the yacht also features topnotch styling, beautiful furnishings as well as prestigious seats which help to create a more elegant and very comfortable atmosphere. 

Health and Wellness Services On Orion Yacht

The yacht is also known to offer topnotch health and vitality services that are meant to help you relax, unwind and escape from the hustles and bustles of the busy world. For instance, the vessel has fully-equipped gyms and dedicated fitness areas to enable you keep fit while cruising the waters. Moreover, the yacht also has numerous resort-like amenities for you to get pampered and unwind while you are on-board. These include spa, massage and treatment rooms. 

Entertainment Orion Yacht

This vessel also offers a range of entertainment options to keep you and other guests on-board fully entertained throughout the journey. For instance, it is a fully air-conditioned yacht that features modern TV sets, advanced sound systems and a high-speed WiFi connection for you to access the internet and watch interesting videos, play online games, among many other activities. 

Dining In Orion Yacht

While on this luxury boat, you will also enjoy the best gourmet cuisines, which are prepared by world-class chefs. They serve three main meals each day, together with a range of snacks, all of which are meant to make your sail fun and worthwhile. Moreover, the yacht has professional crew members who will ensure that every meal is created to very high standards. With their personalized menu and superb service, you will come to realize that their mouth-watering cuisine is the epitome of any gourmet dining. The best thing is that before preparing any of your meals, they always put into consideration your tastes, likes or preferences. 

Underwater Adventures & Orion Yacht

The Orion boat also boasts of numerous water toys which you can enjoy either on or under the water. These include; 

a) Kayaks and Canoes: If you want to enjoy the lakes or coastlines at their pace, these will be the best toys for you. Whether you would like to spend your lazy afternoon on the open waves or you want to explore the winding jungle rivers, Canoes and Kayaks will suit you either as an experienced or novice paddler.

b) Water-Skis: Whether you are a novice or an experienced water skier, the yacht has top quality tenders and skiing equipment for all your skiing needs. 

c) Submarine and Sub Aqua Toys: The crew members at the yacht are also known to offer a range of submarine and sub aqua toys for your underwater adventures.

The experts are also known to offer topnotch whale watching, diving as well as fishing services. They yacht virtually has everything you will need to have the most adventurous sailing experience. 

Other Amenities

To ensure that you enjoy all-round relaxation and entertainment, the Orion boat is also known to offer a range of other recreation options including; beach games, fishing equipment, and snorkeling water toys. They are also renowned for offering some of the best wake-boards that will guarantee you a memorable experience. 

Freedom and Control

The best thing is that when you are chartering this luxury yacht, you will be able to control the itinerary, the schedule as well as the excursions. When you are aboard the vessel, you can decide to go on an adventurous excursion or simply enjoy sunny beaches in some secluded place. All that is expected of you is to return the yacht at the expected time and location, aspects that are none-existent in the conventional cruise ships.  

The best thing about the luxury yacht for charter Orion is that it also offers you extra security and safety, something that is rear in cruise ships. The highly trained crew members will not rest until they see to it that all your needs are fully met. Furthermore, they can also guide you on the best activities and places to visit in case you want to have fun to the fullest when cruising on local or even international waters. They have just about anything you will need while you are sailing on the yacht. Whether you are planning for an excursion or retreat as a family, friends or employees of the same company and you are looking for the best vessel to make your trip successful and fun, charter motor yacht Orion ought to be your first consideration.


Air Conditioning, Barbeque, Swimming Platform, Water Toys, Kneeboard and Toys, Water-skis, fishing and snorkeling equipment, Banana,, Tubes, Wakeboard

Yacht Orion

Available for charter in:

Aegean Sea








Length: 40.84 Mt
Beam: 7.7 Mt
Year: 2004
Builder: AB
Cruising speed: 15 Kts
Maximum speed: 17 Kts


High: 115.000€ per Week
Low: 87.000€ per Week

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