Charter Luxury Sailing Yacht Panorama 2 for All Your Sailing Needs

Charter sailing yacht panorama II is a unique and spacious sailing vessel, which is known to accommodate passengers in utmost comfort and luxury. It is an excellent mega sailing yacht, which is able to accommodate up to 49 guests in its 25 cabins; one on the navigation bridge deck, twelve on the main deck and the other twelve on the lower deck. The best thing is that all the cabins are equipped with all the amenities you will need when sailing. 

Why Charter Luxury Sailing Yacht Panorama 2?

Panorama II is an ultra-modern, two-masted sailing ship that is ideal for group, corporate as well as incentive charters. It is a specious ship that boasts of numerous amenities that are meant to make your journey hustle-free, successful and fun. These include, HD television sets, en-suite bathrooms, safe deposit boxes and a mini-bar among others. Another great advantage of this yacht is that it is fully air conditioned, hence offering you optimal comfort throughout your journey. Some of the benefits of these yacht include;


This is a luxury vessel with an interior layout that can accommodate 49 guests in its 25 rooms. The yacht can carry up to 16 crew members on board, who are always committed to ensuring that you have a luxury yacht experience. Furthermore, the yacht also features timeless styling, sumptuous seats and beautiful furnishings that are uniquely designed to create a comfortable and elegant atmosphere. 


All the vessel’s cabins are spread across the lower, main and upper decks. The main and upper deck cabins all have windows, while the lower-deck accommodations are designed with portholes. These cabins range in sizes from 100 sq.ft to 172 sq.ft and all have topnotch air conditioning, television sets, safe deposit boxes, mini fridges, direct-dial internal-use telephones, hair dryers as well as bathrooms with showers. 

Dining Options

The yacht also has an indoor bar and restaurant to offer you the best meals and drinks while on the move. The vessel is staffed with professional crew members including seasoned chefs who are able to prepare delicious cuisines that are tailor-made to your personal preferences. The best thing is that before you embark on your journey, you and all your guests will be required to complete the preference sheet, which itemizes in detail all the dietary requirements, medical conditions and food allergies which the crew members should take note of before departure. 

Entertainment Options

This yacht also features a wide range of entertainment options to keep you exited and fully entertained throughout the sail. For instance, its fully air-conditioned cabins are fitted with HD flat screen televisions, central music systems, safe boxes and ultra-modern public address systems to suit your needs. While on-board, you will also enjoy high-speed internet where you can play online games or watch your favorite videos from your mobile device, laptop or computer. You will also enjoy unlimited access to various audio-visual equipment as well as the on-board library. 

Water Sports and Related Activities

The yacht also features a wide assortment of water sports equipment which are meant to enable you enjoy unlimited fun in the waters at no extra cost. It offers a unique platform where you can engage in numerous adrenaline-fueled activities below and above the waves. Whether you would like to entertain your kids, keep fit or explore the spectacular surroundings of the charter destination, this vessel has you covered. For instance, they offer different water toys for; canoeing in glacial lakes, snorkeling in warm turquoise waters, water rafting, as well as scuba diving. Some of the water toys and equipment they offer include;

a) Tenders 

b) Kayaks

c) Windsurf boards and

d) Snorkeling equipment among others.

Service and Crew

The vessel also boasts of well-trained and highly-skilled crew members who are able to offer 5-star level service. With their dedicated stewardess, the crew members will stop at nothing in their effort to ensure that you get the best quality service. Furthermore, the yacht has a high crew to passenger ratio, which means that you are able to enjoy personalized service, hence you are sure of all your needs being fully meet. 

Maximum Freedom and Control

Unlike a conventional cruise ship, when you are chartering this luxury yacht, it will literally be yours throughout the journey, which means that you are not just a guest but you will also enjoy full-control of the itinerary, daily schedule as well as shore excursions. Furthermore, the knowledgeable captain can also help you meet your needs and guide you on the best places to explore. Whether you want to go on an adventurous excursion or retreat to a secluded beach where you can enjoy soaking up in the sun, this yacht has you covered. 

Optimal Privacy and Safety

Another great advantage of the charter luxury sailing yacht panorama 2 is that it offers complete and utter privacy. Furthermore, the people that join you on-board are personally selected by you, which means that you will not experience all the hustle and bustle that comes with the large crowd in a conventional cruise ship, hence you will be able to build your treasured memories, away from the outside world. Furthermore, this charter is also safer as you are only accompanies by close family members and friends on board, hence you are at a much lower risk of encountering people with ill intentions or getting infected with contagious diseases. Moreover, in case a guest requests fast treatment, the dedicated crew members will be there to attend to them. 

In conclusion, this is an excellent mega yacht that is able to accommodate quite a number of guests in utmost comfort, while guaranteeing you a memorable cruising experience. The vessel is specially designed to give you a liberating experience as you explore some of the most spectacular destinations in the world. Whether you are a fun of outdoor activities such as kayaking and canoeing or you are an indoor person who treasures captivating movies, computer games, or TV series, you are sure of this yacht meeting all your needs. If you are searching for an ultra-modern vessel for your next corporate or vacation trip, charter sailing yacht panorama II will no doubt be the best for you. 


Air Conditioning, WiFi Internet, GSM Phone

Yacht Panorama








Length: 54 Mt
Beam: 12 Mt
Year: 1993
Builder: AB
Cruising speed: 11 Kts
Maximum speed: 13 Kts


High: 106.400€ per Week
Low: 66.500€ per Week

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